Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup: Leaderboards From All Servers and Everything You Need to Know after Round 1

Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup (Photo Credit: Twitter)

The first round of Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup is over and here is all the stats, facts and leaderboard results.

The first round of the Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup has been completed, a tournament that was set up to honour last year’s Fortnite World Cup Solos winners.

With the completion of the first round of the Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup, the top 100 players , and top 99 for North America East, from each server advancing to round two.

SAQR SNOWVAKS was the player with the most overall points with 542 from the Middle East server, as the highest server average was Europe with 400.86 as the average from all servers was around 369.25 tournament points.

Oceania though was the server with the lowest average points, with just 303.36 and the player who qualified for round two with the lowest points was also from this server, 637Nero with 278.

LIMIT ROAR, who finished 44th on the North America West server, was thw player with the most eliminations with an average of 13.25 eliminations per match

Overall, with 4.09 eliminations per player, Europe was the highest server, as the least in this regard was again Oceania, with an average of 3.05 per player.

From the players who qualified, DDC bright from the Brazil server, was the player with the lowest eliminations with an average of 0.82 eliminations per game.

In terms of average placing, which is the relative position a player placed throughout the first round, North America West’s LIMIT ROAR had the average placing of 1st. He played 4 matches out of a possible 12 and came first every time.

The Middle East server had the highest server average of 27.33 and the lowest in this count was again Oceania, with a server average of 31.3

The player with the lowest average placing who still managed to qualify is from North America West as 60th ranked player had an average placing of 53.08, which makes him the only player to qualify with an average place below 50%.

Round two will start on July 31st.

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